Milestones of History

The company since 1923

Logos of TRUMPF in the course of time
Logos of TRUMPF in the course of time

TRUMPF is distinguished for technical innovations in all of its fields of operation and for its tradition as well. The history of TRUMPF shows that, since its foundation in 1923, new ideas, continuity and consistent internationalization have been the hallmarks of the company's development.

Diversification plays an important role, too. TRUMPF has constantly expanded its product fields not only through acquisitions in bending, electronics and medical technology, but also through its own developments, such as the laser.

TRUMPF plays a decisive role in the broad industrial application of the laser - in almost any field directly or indirectly. From the first use for the welding of watch springs to the latest trends in micro and macro processing - the success of the laser is partially due to the success of TRUMPF. 
Take a trip through time.


Take a trip through time