TruLaser 1030

Laser cutting for less

With the TruLaser 1030, TRUMPF offers something entirely new: A machine with extremely low investment and operating costs and an operating principle that is revolutionary in its simplicity. The TruLaser 1030 paves your way to the world of laser cutting.

  • Low investment and operating costs.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Small footprint of only 25 m².
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Ability to cut any shape.

Simple ...

  • Uncomplicated setup, so that you can quickly start producing: No drilling required and no installation for laser gas supply lines
  • Intelligent operating concept: Dialog-based menu guidance and explanations facilitate operation
  • Simple shop floor programming at the machine: Create the finished program in just 5 quick steps
  • Quick re-production: Save time by selecting a part from a sheet that has already been nested

... profitable ...

  • Low initial investment: Economical entry into the world of laser cutting even if the full capacity is not utilized
  • Minimal training expenditure: You save money as different training modules are integrated
  • Little floor space required: Keep rents down and also save in terms of transport
  • Energy-efficient TruCoax 2500: You need very little power, especially in Standby mode

... laser cutting

  • Full flexibility with the TruLaser 1030: Production at short notice, test your changes, build prototypes etc.
  • Advantages of the laser as a tool: You achieve unlimited contouring freedom as well as high precision and cut quality
  • Reduced costs per part: It is more economical to cut and bend many parts from sheetmetal than to mill them from solid material


  • The recovery of kinetic energy has been standard since 1987. And, the automatic shutdown of the laser resonator has long been a standard feature
  • For laser machines not connected to central cooling systems, new additives double the service life of the cooling water. So, the annual requirement for expensive deionized water reduces by more than 1,000 liters or 50 percent
  • Our highly precise beam guidance enables flatbed laser machines to cut using the smallest of nozzle diameters and thereby a minimal gas consumption
  • The high quality of the TruCoax Laser allows the operation of your laser machine for over one year – with only one 3l bottle of premix gas
  • The concept of "flying optic" guarantees low scratches and thus a minimum of scrap
  • The integrated machine concept enables a very compact installation even in confined spaces
TruLaser 1030
Working range  
  • X axis
3000 mm
  • Y axis
1500 mm
  • Z axis
75 mm
Max. material thickness with TruCoax 2500  
  • Mild steel
16 mm
  • Stainless steel
8 mm
  • Aluminum
6 mm
Max. axis speed simultaneous85 m/min
  • Length
7400 mm
  • Width
2800 mm
  • Height
2300 mm
Weight9730 kg
Subject to alterations. The specifications in our offer and our sales order confirmation are authoritative.

Semi-automatic pallet changer

  • Without light barrier
  • Secure pallet change by two-hand operation

Automatic pallet changer

  • With a light barrier for a fully automated pallet change

TruLaser 1030

TruLaser 1030