TruMatic 6000

Robust universal machine

This machine masters every task with reliability and productivity – and its whole performance can be activated quickly and simply.

  • A technically mature machine concept and intelligent software functions provide the highest level of process reliability
  • Scratch-free processing
  • Automated tool changing
  • Outstanding energy efficiency through ingenious laser concept and universal cooling interface
  • Simple operating concept


  • Innovative methods for fast laser processing and high process reliability
  • Productive punch processing with a max. stroke rate of 1000 1/min
  • High reliability thanks to proven and established machine design
  • Accelerated tool changes due to fast cycles within the machine control
  • Highest process reliability thanks to intelligent software functions such as the punch monitoring system


  • Increased versatility due to the combination of punching and laser cutting
  • Different laser outputs for various processing ranges
  • No set-up effort when processing different sheet thicknesses thanks to the single cutting head strategy
  • More forming options with fewer tools thanks to tool rotation and the size 5 slitting tool
  • Additional suction cups of the SheetMaster increase flexibility when unloading


  • Wide selection of high-quality punching tools
  • The excellent beam quality of the TruFlow CO2 laser yields high-precision cutting results
  • Rugged machine design enables high contour precision
  • Scratch-free processing through optional descending die and laser guard with its own NC axis
  • Gentle material handling with the optional brush-covered part removal flap and programmable stripper force
  • Optimum cutting quality even for fine contours thanks to laser power control
  • Flat blanks without post-processing due to integrated flattening


  • Stand-by mode of the laser while working in punching mode and an optional universal cooling interface lower the energy requirement.
  • A second pressure circuit for all hydraulic punching drives results in outstanding energy efficiency
TruMatic 6000 Medium format TruMatic 6000 Large format
Working area    
  • Punching operation
2500 mm x 1250 mm3050 mm x 1550 mm
  • Laser operation
2500 mm x 1250 mm3050 mm x 1550 mm
  • Combined punch/laser operation
2500 mm x 1250 mm3050 mm x 1550 mm
Max. sheet thickness8 mm8 mm
Laser power2000 W
2700 W
3200 W
2000 W
2700 W
3200 W
Max. punching force180 kN180 kN
Max. stroke rate    
  • Punching (E = 1 mm)
1000 1/min900 1/min
  • Marking
ca. 2800 1/minca. 2800 1/min
Speed C axis    
  • C axis punching
330 rpm330 rpm
  • C axis thread tapping
330 rpm330 rpm
Max. number tools    
  • with 2 clamps
23 pieces
  • with 3 clamps
22 pieces
Space requirements8000 mm x 7165 mm8333 mm x 7990 mm
Subject to alterations. The specifications in our offer and our sales order confirmation are authoritative.

The working area of the large format machine in combined punch/laser operation is achieved with repositioning.

Punch Laser Machine TruMatic 6000

Punch Laser Machine TruMatic 6000