Complete hinge tool (fabricate hinges in two steps)

Door hinge made with TRUMPF tools
Door hinge made with TRUMPF tools

This hinge tool is designed for hinges with fixed dimensions (sheet thickness, hinge diameter, and hinge extent). This solution is used without a rear stop. The stop is integrated into the tool. This makes the fabrication of door hinges, for example, very fast.


  • Up to 4 mm sheet thickness
  • di = at least 2 - 2.5 x sheet thickness (steel, aluminum)
  • di = at least 2.5 - 3 x sheet thickness (stainless)



  • The fastest option TRUMPF offers for fabricating hinges
  • Optimum rounding
  • Low tool costs, since only one tool station is needed


  • The "two-step method" is limited in terms of the hinge extent (b = max. 100 mm)
  • The bolt diameter of the pin to be inserted must be specified (to match the hinge)

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Complete hinge tool