TruTops Convert: Converting CAD files automatically

TruTops Convert frees you from the time-consuming data conversion of your CAD files. You enter your requirements into the program once and then go on to other work. TruTops Convert works in the background.

TruTops Convert

Automatic data conversion
With TruTops Convert you simply convert your existing CAD files automatically to your desired target format. You can take care of this conveniently for entire folders without the need to convert files individually. The program can also work overnight, so that you do not waste valuable production time with data conversion. 

Immediately usable
You can set TruTops Convert for data conversion in such a way that, for example, open contours are automatically closed. In this way, the program immediately yields usable data, which saves time-consuming reworking. But TruTops Convert does even more: You select the information TruTops Convert is supposed to convert, thus sparing yourself additional work; e.g., the dimensioning.

Highly adaptable
Your inventory data are either in Geo format or DXF, IGES, GRA, MI/GRA+, DSTV, or DWG. With the press of a button, TruTops Convert converts these files into GEO, DXF, or ME10 format. In this way, you obtain exactly the file formats you need in your other systems.