Performance Cockpit

Full transparency of your machine productivity

With the Performance Cockpit, you will get a new level of transparency. Regardless of whether it is the productivity of your machines, the materials and tools used or the production programs produced: with the Performance Cockpit, you always have the key figures for your machine at a glance.


Performance evaluation by shifts
Numerous machine statuses give you detailed information as to how long your machine is actually productive and what happens the rest of the time. Also find out how your machine productivity develops over a period of time or within selected shift times.


Analysis of material utilization
Very easily evaluate your material usage by material types and thicknesses. Beyond this, you'll also have the opportunity to view the portion of the scrap for each material type, thereby allowing you to analyze the efficiency of your material usage. 

Production programs

Overview of completed production programs
With the overview of which production programs are running on your machine, you can always keep track of your production.
Receive additional information about the runtimes, throughputs and see, if the programs were interrupted or abandoned.


Analysis of tool utilization
Find out which punching tools you use most frequently. For this, you can see the number of strokes in total or by machine.

Individually tailored to meet your needs

Dashboard can be individually designed
You want to have all the important key figures at a glance? No problem. With the completely personalized dashboard you can tailor everything to your needs. This naturally also means that you can access your cockpit any time. Whether from your computer or on the go by tablet and smart phone.

Performance Cockpit