TruTops Bend: Rapid programming during production

While your press brake is working, you can program reliable bending processes with TruTops Bend. You use TRUMPF’s bending know-how to create bending programs intuitively even for automated bending cells.

TruTops Bend

Programming intelligently
A good bending programmer needs a good spatial imagination. TruTops Bend gives you support. It automatically calculates the best bending sequence and determines the right tool combination. The bending process is simulated, and 3D animations point out possible collisions. TruTops Bend leads you safely through the program.

Creating bending programs automatically
With the Autorun option you create your bending programs automatically, possibly overnight. You simply select the parts to be produced and indicate your preferences to TruTops Bend: for instance, the best tooling program for all parts to be produced. The programs are on your computer the next morning. This saves valuable tooling time and personnel costs.

Efficient processing with the BendMaster
The high tech support and bending know-how in TruTops Bend make for very efficient processing routines. With TruTops Bend you define the fastest processing flow even for automated bending cells with the BendMaster.

Good collaboration
If you already have 2D production files from your CAD system, you take over these data over one of the standard interfaces in TruTops Bend. You can even quickly create simple profiles yourself in TruTops Bend with the profile editor. 3D files can be unfolded for production with the optional TruTops Unfold.